Take and Bake DOSING Guide

Our motto is always low and slow. Begin with a low dose and increase it slowly. If you know how many milligrams (mg) of THC you typically enjoy when taking edibles, great, stick with that amount. You can use the Dosing Chart below to help you adjust how much Take and Bake oil to use for your own recipes.


LOW – If you’re brand new to edibles or you only want to feel the most mild effects of THC, start with 2.5 mg THC per serving. This is what we consider a low dose and a great starting place to understand what ingesting cannabis feels like in your body.

MED – If you’re looking for mild effects but you want to feel a moderate, nice buzz, try 5-10 mg THC per serving.

HIGH – If you definitely want to feel high and you’re familiar with cannabis edibles already, try 10-20 mg THC per serving.

Dosing with Take and Bake Oil

Use this chart to determine how to dispense the desired amount of THC in our recipes or your own creations. You’ll find markings on the Patron dispenser. Use these to help dial in the dose. As you twist the plunger it passes a series of “notches” and “lines” before you finish a full “turn.” See conversion below:

The Patron dispenser

A specially designed dispensing device for cannabis extracts that allows the Take and Bake oil to be dispensed easily, accurately and with no mess.

Dispense in 2 mg THC increments (0.01ml)

Twisting dispenser gives accuracy and prevents spillage.

To use the chart

Find your desired amount of THC in milligrams (mg) in the left column. Slide to the right, into the Dispensing Instructions column, to see the corresponding dispensing instructions.

Dosing Chart

Amount of THC
(in mg)
21 Notch
101 Line
202 Lines
301 Turn
602 Turns
903 Turns
1204 Turns
1505 Turns
1806 Turns
2107 Turns
2408 Turns
2709 Turns
30010 Turns
50016 2/3 Turns
75025 Turns
100033 1/3 Turns

Want MORE recipe ideas and inspiration?

Grab a copy of the Take and Bake recipe book. Go to the ‘Where to Buy’ page for our most up to date list of dispensaries that carry Take and Bake oil and the Take and Bake Recipe Book.